How to choose a camping tent

Choosing a camping tent is no easy task, especially for those just starting to camp and does not have much knowledge on the subject and on the equipment. So in this post, we give you a basic little help, showing you what you need to evaluate before making your choice.

But before we begin we need to explain that to us, basically there is no good or bad camping tent, there is a tent more or less adequate for what you need. Even the best selling amazing tents for camping out there may not be the perfect fit your camping needs.

And know also that the domestic market is lacking in tents with some specific features, and what would be the ideal tent for you, if something very specific, you can simply not exist. But anyway … come on!

What we need to assess:


Always buy a tent with a capacity above what you need, preferably a person above (at least). For example, if you need a tent for 2 people buy for 3 people. If you want to 3 people, buy 4. That to get comfortable space, if you want to take a lot of “stuff camping” and wants more space even consider choosing a tent for even one more person.


For those looking for a tent for trekking or simply to carry the backpack and walk out around the world, weight is an important item to be evaluated. If this is the case look tents weighing little (always considering their size, strength and physical capacity) up to 3kg can be acceptable, more than it already is quite heavy if you carry long distances. Be careful not to fall into the temptation of very light tents, but who do not have the least protection. Be sure about which the water column, as are the seams and what type of sobreteto. We will speak of this in sequence. If your idea is not to take the tent in the back, the weight can be disregarded for choice.


Believe me, not all tents for camping are waterproof! If you want a tent to camp outdoors without getting water, choose a tent with the water column above 1000 mm. This is information that all tents must have the technical product information, if not suspicious.


Whenever possible buy tents with sealed seams. If the tent is waterproof and has no seams sealed water will enter, not the fabric, but the seam holes. This is very important because you will not want to wake up with a leak in the foot. The vast majority of tents comes with sealed seams, but if the tent is simpler (cheaper) and not have this information, be wary! Ceiling Besides a good waterproofing else that needs to be observed, if you want enough protection, it is the kind of ceiling. Some tents have full ceiling that covers the entire tent (and protects more, especially rainfall) others have partial ceiling (which usually does not cover the front of the tent) and can be critical in the event of heavy rains and wind, because the room usually not waterproofed. There are also stalls that do not have ceiling (or have just a little hat on top) and are models that do not advise to use in nature without any extra protection over the tent, because without sobreteto waterproofing is compromised. They tend to be cheap, small and light, but will probably let you down at the time that most need protection.


Another factor that may be important to be assessed is whether the tent is self-supporting or not. What does that mean? self-supporting tents are those who stand even without espeques, which usually are the igloos models. But there are several models that simply are not in armed foot without espeques, which ends up limiting somewhat its use. If you want a tent that can be mounted without the placement of espeques, choose a self-supporting tent!


If you want a tent camping to stay longer, or even more comfort, look for one that has spacious full advance and closed like Indy, Zeus, Kathmandu, Super Squirrel, etc. Having a complete and spacious advance make much difference if you go camping for a long time or on rainy days because the camp is more comfortable.

Be careful

It is good to leave the always be careful … if the tent is very cheap and very light wary, this is the model that will probably let you down when you need it most and are models that we do not advise you to buy. By rule, in good technical and tents, the lighter, more expensive it will be.

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