When you go camping is important to know what to bring to the adventure.

Camping checklist

But this list is not a universal truth, on the contrary, it needs to be adapted to their reality. The most important thing is to know how is the place where you camp. If there is there full communal kitchen, suddenly you can dispense almost all kitchen of the items. Already spend a month camping is very different to spend a weekend. Tables, chairs, awning are really needed? It’s up to you! How long you want to stay camping and comfort which want to have in camp.

That is, if you are first-time camper, read and try to understand when, where and how this object would be used and use your critical sense to decide to take or not. Those who already have experience already know what to take or not there but the list is over to make sure there will not be forgetting!



– A tent or more, depending on the number of people

– 1 large awning to extend, protecting from the sun

– 1 Toldo lower down the tent, or sit on the floor

– Old newspaper – it is always useful to protect the soil moisture or light a fire


– Sleeping bag

– Mattress and / or thermal insulation

– Pillow

– Extra blanket


– Fogareiro

– Gas bottling or refill

– Pots

– Dishes, glasses and cutlery

– Matches or lighter

– Can opener / bottle stopper and corkscrew

– Filter and coffee percolator

– Thermal bag or refrigerator

– Cantil, Squeeze, Streamer, or bottle water

– Soap and sponge to wash dishes

– Dish cloth

– Trash bags

– Tables and chairs (beach or camping)

– Skewers, grill, etc.



– Underwear

– Socks

– Bermuda

– Coat

– Long pants (comfortable)

– Pajamas or comfortable clothes to sleep

– Hats or other head covering

– Swimsuit

– Flip flops

– Closed shoes (comfortable)

– Raincoat

– Glove, hat and blanket


– Bath towel

– Shampoo, conditioner and soap

– Toothbrush, toothpaste and floss

– Deodorants

– Toilet paper (!)

– Gilete

– Absorbent

– Condom

Other important things

– Insect repellent

– Sunscreen

– Sunglasses

– First Aid Kit (check here the kit items)

– Electric extension, c / nozzle lamp

– Lampião and / or flashlight (with new batteries or flashlights dynamo or rechargeable)

– Compass (can be useful to set up the tent with the best guidance)

– Multifunctional Army Knife

– Adhesive tape and scissors

– Plastic bags (several) for trash, dirty clothes and wet

– Strings, cabinhos or sisal, for to bonds, to secure the sheets to extend clothes, hang things on trees, for everything)!

– Clothespins

– Folding Shovel

– Guard sun

– Wipes for general use

– Electronics

– Camera

– Battery chargers and batteries

– Mobile (and charger)


– Flashlight (with new batteries or flashlights dynamo or rechargeable)

– MP3 player and headphone

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